New From Kaneff Properties – Pay Rent With Rentmoola

April 29, 2016 – In this day and age, cheques are all but a thing of the past. They are burdensome and impractical compared to online banking, so why do so many property managers and landlords demand them? Why should you rely on them to pay your rent?

Thankfully, Kaneff Properties has a solution for our thousands of tenants in the Greater Toronto Area—we like to stay ahead of the curve, so we are pleased to introduce a new partnership with RentMoola, a rewarding, innovative way to pay your rent.

Have your rent pay you! As you pay your rent, you can collect cash back or points on your rewards credit card. And that’s just scratching the surface—RentMoola also has its unique MoolaPerks program, which gives access to its members to claim offers from loads of top brands.

Starting soon, all Kaneff Properties residents will be able to pay their rent more easily through RentMoola. Here is a guide on how to register and what you’ll get from the service!

One-time or recurring payments

Registering to RentMoola is as simple as clicking a button—simply enter your name, email address, and set a password, and you’re all set!

From there, you can search your postal code and find your property manager or landlord. Then, confirm their info, set up your first payment, date and move on to entering your payment information. You have the option of using any major credit card or using RentMoola’s RM Debit service to avoid interest and charges!

Using the same security protocols as major banks and services like Amazon, RentMoola is 100% secure with your money and personal information. You have RentMoola’s guarantee that your payments will arrive on time, every time.


RentMoola members instantly gain access to hundreds of exclusive offers for top brands that include Uber, Rogers, The Honest Company,, Columbia Sportswear and Riu Hotels and Resorts. With so many options, there’s no telling what you could luck out on. For travelling, groceries, clothing, and so much else, MoolaPerks pay off. The best part? It’s all completely free to use.

No more headaches

We were sold the moment Ari Diamond (Vice President of Customer Success at RentMoola) demonstrated the system at Kaneff. We pride ourselves on our service to our tenants, and we decided, unanimously, that RentMoola was a logical next step to better serve our tenants.

In this day and age, it just makes sense to have a simpler, more natural way of paying rent than using cheques. Unless you have some kind of unlimited chequebook arrangement with your bank, chequebooks can cost upwards to $50 for a new one.

So that’s $50 for an out-dated system of payment that you’ll hardly use aside from paying rent—doesn’t make much sense to us. Paying your rent has never been easier or more rewarding than it is with RentMoola.

We’re excited to start using this software, and we hope you are too!