#breakthebias with Adriano

adriano kaneff construction manager

#breakthebias with Adriano

adriano construction manager

At Kaneff, we are free of biases, stereotypes, and discrimination. In a male dominated industry, we are run by three women. We celebrate all walks of life, all genders, and all individuals, because that’s the beauty of this world: we’re all different, but also all the same. Let’s #breakthebias this International Women’s Day.

We asked our team what #breakthebias means to them. Adriano, our Commercial Construction Manager, had this to say:

“Breaking the bias has a profound meaning to me. I have been lucky enough to live through a major transition within the construction industry since my first professional experience in 2005. 2005 may not sound like that long ago, but the shift in inclusion in many aspects of the industry has been a welcome sight to see. Being a historically male dominated industry, I have seen strides in inclusion specific to women in the industry, and this in turn has given women more confidence to flourish in construction. I have witnessed once male dominated positions being taken on and executed at the same level or higher by females. If everyone keeps in mind that we are all just people trying to work together to execute a common goal, the bias can be broken for good”.