#breakthebias with Anna-Maria, Kristina, and Mrs. Kaneff

#breakthebias the kaneffs

#breakthebias with Anna-Maria, Kristina, and Mrs. Kaneff

On the day before International Women’s Day, we thought it would be insightful to share what our three fearless female leaders thought about #breakingthebias. Here’s what they had to say:

“In spite of great strides made towards gender equality, bias still exists. In an industry dominated by men, the three of us are committed to #breakingthebias, to make sure that women at our company feel as heard, respected and appreciated as their male peers. Strong leadership is how we achieve this goal. Mr. Kaneff, a pioneering construction and development business owner in the GTA, exemplified this quality, and strove to promote and lift up women in his company.

Today, some wear construction boots, others influence finance and strategy, one even led our Residential Division for nearly 50 years. He and his legacy at Kaneff led the charge on #breakingthebias. This does not mean discouraging or pushing men to the side. In fact, we proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with our exceptional male leaders and staff. After all, without Mr. Kaneff, the 3 of us wouldn’t be at the helm of one of the most reputable, successful, inspirational construction, development and property management companies in this country’s history.”

anna-maria, kristina and Mrs. Kaneff for International Women's Day