National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

On September 30th Kaneff Group observed the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, a new holiday that honours Indigenous victims and celebrates survivors. National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was a day for learning, commemorating lives lost and the pain and suffering they endured. The holiday has also been founded to support the process of truth, reconciliation and justice with First Nations, Inuit and Métis in Tkaronto and across Canada, as well as take action to heal and build a better future together.

We asked our teams to…

Step Away from Work

At 2:15pm (referring to the 215 graves found in Kamloops) on September 30th, we encouraged our teams to pause work and take some time to reflect on the past years events, and on Canada’s history: the good, the bad, and the opportunities that face us today.

Wear Orange

Wear an orange tee, sweater or bottoms to commemorate the day.
Why orange? Orange Shirt Day honours Phyllis’ story: a 6 year old girl whose new orange shirt was taken on her first day at residential school when she was just six years old. Read her story here: https://www.orangeshirtday.org/phyllis-story.html

We found some informative resources to share with our teams, but also with the general public.

General Education 



Get Reading!



Engage your Children and Start Educating at Home


Watch a Film


Donate to a Cause