Our Story

Kaneff Group is an established real estate developer, builder, and property manager within the GTA and Golden Horseshoe. With over 70 years in the real estate market and more than 40,000 residential suites and homes built since 1951, we are an experienced, customer-centric group that is dedicated to exceptional quality and service. We build high and low-rise homes, develop, build, and manage commercial plazas and office centres, and manage our own public golf courses in Ontario. We are deeply dedicated to philanthropy and being an integral part of the development of our communities.

A dedication to quality, excellence and community started in 1951, when Ignat ‘Iggy’ Kaneff built his first house in Mississauga, which he eventually mortgaged to purchase two more, laying the foundation for his own company’s legacy. Shortly thereafter, Ignat Kaneff built his first apartment building, pioneering the first high-rise building in Mississauga’s history. The Kaneff buildings are a staple in the heart of Mississauga’s City Centre, which shaped the urban landscape and skyline with their distinct presence and white colour. Innovative design, exceptional building materials, outstanding craftsmanship and abundant open spaces set Kaneff homes apart from competition. Focus on the future and a constant positive outlook on life has kept the Kaneff Group thriving for over 70 years.

Along with his passion for home building, Ignat Kaneff’s love for the game of golf has blossomed into a successful golf group. Starting in 1989 with the development of the world-class flagship facility, Lionhead Golf Club and Conference Centre, and transforming into an organization spanning six properties across southern Ontario, Kaneff Golf offers public golf at its finest.

What set Ignat Kaneff apart was his commitment, and reputation of hard work, honesty and unwavering focus on quality and community in every development he set out to create. His work ethic is shared with the team at Kaneff Group: a fervent group of individuals dedicated to carry on his legacy.


Kaneff’s Passion for Philanthropy

In 1951, Ignat ‘Iggy’ Kaneff came to Canada with only five dollars in his pocket and almost no understanding of English. In 1955, just four years after he came to Canada, Ignat Kaneff made his first major philanthropic donation when he pledged against his future earnings to support the development of Mississauga’s first hospital. This was the lead gift, and 20 times larger than the second largest gift.

His good heart sparked over 65 years of a genuine and sustained commitment to philanthropy. The Ignat Kaneff Charitable Foundation was established in 1986 by Mrs. Didi Kaneff, giving tens of millions to various educational and health organizations. Ignat Kaneff had a deep respect for universities, donating over $15 million to The University of Toronto, York University, Osgoode Hall Law School and Ruse University in Bulgaria, his country of birth. Community Living Mississauga, an organization that supports intellectually disabled people by ensuring their quality of life in the community is meaningfully improved, has been greatly supported by Ignat Kaneff Charitable Foundation’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament, raising approximately $1.6 million to date.  In recognition of his many business achievements and philanthropic contributions, Ignat Kaneff was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario. With his passing, the Kaneff Family carry on his legacy and philanthropic efforts, continuing on what he started so long ago.

Mr Ignat Kaneff

Accolades & Achievements

  • Order of Canada- Canada (2016)
  • Honorary Degree of Bachelor of Applied Studies- Sheridan College (2015)
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree – Ruse University, Bulgaria (2013)
  • Order of Ontario- Canada (2011)
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree – York University (2010)
  • Order of ‘Stara Planina’ First Degree – Bulgaria’s Highest Honour- Republic of Bulgaria (2002)
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree – University of Toronto (1994)